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 NetStop Professional License
Product infomation
Price: US$260.00

Item # 1000



  • Secure a PC for unattended locations
  • Use one of our default interface designs or design your own (through an easy to use visual tool)
  • Offer your users several built-in applications - your users will be able to:
    1. Send and receive emails
    2. Use a secure version of MSN Messenger (allow only file downloads you choose)
    3. Send pictures stored on digital cameras - popular feature with tourists to send pictures to family and friends while traveling
    4. Send video emails
    5. Send a postcard
    6. Work on MS Word/MS Excel documents - popular feature with business users in hotels and airports
  • Add up to 20 external applications - great for games
  • Create user accounts that can be used from all your terminals
  • Access real time statistics to see how your terminals are doing (usages, payments, etc...)
  • Monitor the health of your terminals remotely (from any web browser)
  • Offer free access, charge using bill/coin acceptors and credit card payments, or implement a combination of both
  • Generate revenues through advertising using the many advertising features
  • Offer your users six built-in languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian - plus you can add two more languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Russian
  • Charge for printing - account for each page printed

      Only NetStop 5.0 Professional lets you offer outgoing Internet Based Faxing. Your customers can fax, email attachments or Word documents. It's safe, secure and accessible 24/7. You pay just one low monthly fee, while you can charge your customer going market rates which can be $1.50 per page or more.

      You can now sell HTML Advertising. Generate additional revenue by selling advertising to local businesses and/or national chains and retailers. Virtually any location on the monitor is up for grabs. And you can configure the ad in any size and dimension you want. The opportunity is limitless for you to make more money.

      With all these features, NetStop 5.0 software is effectively used in over 15,000 public access terminals worldwide. Get it today!



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