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 KioskWatch: Remote monitoring & management
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Price: US$30.00

Item # 1040

Cost is per quarter (3 months) per kiosk:

Kiosk Watch lets you watch your kiosks in real time from a remote location.

You can see in one glance which kiosks are up and running on the network. A Tree menu within Kiosk Watch shows you the current status of each kiosk, any alerts that have been generated, and the IP address.

  • Each kiosk is symbolized with a computer icon and a colored circle next to it. These icons will give you an idea of the current status of your kiosks. Each time you move your mouse over a kiosk, you will have a "popup" screen open with current information about your kiosk, ranging from the Kiosks latest IP Address, to any alerts that you should know about. The icons themselves are color coded, with each color representing a different level of functionality.
  • Kiosk Watch gives you detailed activity reports about your kiosks. Standard reports tell you when your kiosk last reported, when it was last used, when it was last rebooted, and its IP address.
  • Kiosk Watch also sends you e-mail and SMS (text message) alerts when your kiosk is not functioning properly.
  • With Kiosk Watch, you can view your kiosks' real time information from any web based PC quickly and easily.

    KioskWatch is still in development, with many new features planned for future releases

    Licenses are prepaid quarterly per license per kiosk.

    Please enter your License Registration number in the comments field when placing your order.
    Click here for the Kioskwatch homepage