Account Pro™

Account Pro allows you to manage your kiosk by creating, updating and deleting accounts. This feature has been known to increase kiosk revenue dramatically.

Account Pro stores data about users on a central server, which means that you can:

  • Generate PINs
  • Generate access codes
  • Sell time cards to locations
  • Replenish time
  • Create, edit and delete codes
  • Create hundreds of codes at a time

Here are examples of how Account Pro can work for you.

  • An account can be generated by the kiosk owner and sold as a card, or automatically generated at the kiosk when a credit card or cash payment is made. If a payment is made while a session is in process, the payment is used to recharge the account in use.
  • An account can take the form of a generated Access Code or of a User Name and Password selected by the user.
  • User accounts can be created and used at any of your terminals (anywhere in the world). This is a strong incentive for the users to use your kiosk knowing that they will be able to use their remaining time later or even at another one of your kiosks.
  • An account can be created with either a specific expiration date or with a number of days for which it will be valid from the first time it is first used.
  • Accounts can be created to be reset to a specific balance daily. For example, you could sell subscriptions for 60 minutes per day for 30 days.

Account Pro is free, but in order for it to function properly, you need the Web Stats feature which is part of Kiosk Watch. Click on the Kiosk Watch tab for details