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NetStop 5.0

NetStop 5.0

What are the system requirements for NetStop 5.0?


Minimum hardware required:

  • Pentium III 500 MHz (1 GHz recommended)
  • 128 MB of RAM (256 MB is recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 or higher is recommended), 24 bits display

Minimum software required:

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP (home or professional) or XP embedded
  • Internet Explorer 6

Optional software required:

  • Windows Messenger 5 - required for the Messenger built-in application to work. You will need to uninstall MSN Messenger. The Messenger built in application requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • Microsoft Word - required for the Word Processor built in application to work
  • Microsoft Excel - required for the Spreadsheet built in application to work

How do I include applications within my interface?


These are the commands that are used when including applications within your interface.


  •  HTTP:// followed by a URL Web Browser button then navigates to the specified URL
  •  FILE:// followed by a URL Web Browser button then navigates to the specified URL
  •  APP://WebBrowser Web Browser button then navigates to the start page (only the first time it is clicked)
  •  APP://ReceiveEmail/ Receive Email button
  •  APP://SendEmail/ Send Email button
  •  APP:// Messenger Messenger button
  •  APP:// VideoEmail VideoEmail button
  •  APP:// WordProcessor Word Processor button
  •  APP:// SpreadSheet SpreadSheet button
  •  APP:// PhotoStudio PhotoStudio button
  •  APP://OtherApplication1 Other Application 1 button
  • mailto: If you want to create a link that will invoke a New Message form so that the user can send an email message, use the prefix mailto:. If you want this link to include a destination address, use the prefix mailto:dest@server.com where dest@server.com is the email to which the message will be sent.

If you want any of these links to be free, add the following characters in front of it:
freeu - The link will be free, but the restriction described above does not exist.


Freer - The link will be free, but if it is a web page then the navigation will be restricted to the server of the initial page. For example if the link on the main menu is http://www.microsoft.com/page1 then the user will be limited to URL within http://www.microsoft.com such as ttp://www.microsoft.com/page2.htm.


Note: freeu and freer can also be used in with the mailto: prefix described earlier. This may be useful if you want to allow users to send emails for free. Also, if you use freer, then the user will be able to send email for free but will not be able to change the destination. Therefore you should always specify the destination address when using freermailto:.


If you want the navigation to occur in a special web browser which does not have any buttons, add survey in front of the URL (e.g. survey http://www.test.com).

A different page can be displayed for each language you make available. If the web page is stored on the Internet (HTTP:// URL) and you are using a dialup connection, then the kiosk will need to be connected when the user clicks on a language button.


With dialup connection, it is recommended that you store the web pages used as main menus (one per language) on a local drive. If you use Windows 2000 pro or XP, these can be installed in the web server. Using the WWW documentRoot - You will not have to grant access to the C drive.


Is there a way to monitor my kiosk?


Yes, with our monitoring and management application KioskWatch. Click here to learn more.


What is Designer Pro?


DesignerPro is the main configuration program in which you can specify hundreds of settings, including how your main menu will look, what applications are available, prices, advertising, etc. Check the Setup Instructions for more specific details.


What is AccountPro?


NetStop provides you with a centralized account system. This means that users can use the same account at any of your terminals. AccountPro is used to create, update, and delete accounts. Check the Setup Instructions for more specific details.



How do I download NetStop?


Unzip the file that you downloaded. This will extract 2 files (by default the files will be extracted in the directory c:\netstop): SetKiosk.exe - program required to configure the kiosk. Netstop.exe - kiosk program.


Coin And Bill Acceptors

Does NetStop support coin and bill acceptors?


Yes, NetStop has support for several interfaces to connect bill acceptors and coin acceptors to serial and USB ports. Click here to learn about the various options available to you.


Note that if you have FREE access selected, the Bill and Coin acceptors will not work!


How do I set them up?


NetStop has support for several interfaces to connect bill acceptors and coin acceptors to serial and USB ports. What follows are directions on how to setup the hardware and software for the two most common ones.


IMPORTANT NOTE: In setkiosk.exe, under the Payment tab (top), you must select one of the following Payment Mode for coin and bill acceptors to work:

  •  Prepaid Minutes and Pages

  •  Prepaid Minutes (Printing Charged as Minutes)
  •  Prepaid Amount
  •  Pay for Time/Printing Used (Display Min/Pages)
  •  Pay for Time/Printing Used (Display Min/Pages Amount)

Hardware Configuration


APEX-MATRIX-MEI-CASHCODE-GBA RS232 - These bill acceptors use the protocol built into these bill acceptors. Therefore the cable between the bill acceptor and the serial port is a simple voltage conversion (5V-12V).


You need to connect the DB 9 connector to a serial port. The cable also comes with a power connector ready to connect to the PC's power supply (same connector used by hard drives, CD drives, etc.).


Software Configuration


To setup the software, you need to run setkiosk.exe and do the following:


  •  Go to the Payment tab
  •  Specify MATRIX,CASHCODE or GBA RS232 as the type of acceptor Specify the COM port to which it is connected.
  •  Enter the amounts corresponding to the denominations.

You need to enter the following values: 1, 5, 10, 20 in the first four boxes . When using this interface, NetStop will query the bill acceptor's status twice per second to see if a payment was made. The bill acceptor has logic built-in to stop accepting bills if not queried for more than 5 seconds. This means that bills will not be accepted if the PC is down.


If you specify an email address in the Monitor tab (for log files), you will get notified by email if a jam occurs or if the bill acceptor is full - for specific bill acceptors.


How do I set up a credit card account for my kiosk?


We have established a relationship with the merchant services provider Advantage Bankcard Services to allow you to accept credit cards at the lowest rates in the Kiosk Industry. Now, a Kiosk owner using NetStop can have all their credit card transactions qualify at the lowest rates possible. But you first need to set up a merchant account and a Gateway before you can have a credit card account.


Click on here to find Step by Step instructions that will enable you to start accepting credit cards at the lowest rates in the kiosk industry.


What is a "Gateway" and why do I need it?


A gateway is an internet software application that resides on a remote computer that your kiosk will communicate with (send the credit card data to) in order for your system to be able to charge your customers cards for using your kiosk.


How do I get this Gateway and what is it's name?


Our merchant services partner (ABS) will make all the arrangements for you when they establish your merchant account. The gateway is called Authorize Net and can be reviewed at www.authorize.net.


How does it work?


Once your customer enters their credit card information, it is immediately sent by NetStop to the gateway who in turn submits the transaction data to the processor who then sends it to the card issuing bank for approval… it then moves back through the system and sends the data back to the kiosk and enables the user to log onto the system. At the end of the day your transactions are settled and funds directed to your bank account.


How does it get linked to my kiosk(s)?


After your merchant account has been established and ABS has configured your Gateway account, you will be provided with a proper Login ID and password for your company. Then, if necessary, with assistance from either NetStop or ABS, you will complete a minor configuration menu in your kiosk, and you will be all set to accept credit cards.



What do you mean "Swiped or Keyed"?


A swiped transaction is one that passes through an electronic reader and is also known as a "card present" sale. A "keyed" or e-commerce transaction is one that is manually input from some source... usually a keypad on the computer.